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by Kr2Pör AB, latest updates Privacy 2023-05-25

Site) If you violated Privacy and you filmed a video (websites :YouTube, or other), we have the right to block the video or remove the monetization of the video, if we blocked your video by mistake write - java@kr2por.com, All music is not prohibited and there is no copyright or image.

Games) we do not prohibit to do videos about games or programs on various websites or websites; if they do not violate Privacy

Others) if you violated Privacy, then we have to block the video, there will be evidence for this!

1.If you have changed the identity of the staff of the company, but are not, then we can do everything to block and other...

2.You are not allowed to use such names Kr1Por,Kr3Por,Ks1Por,Ks3Por if you took it without asking, then wait for a response from the company and a change in name or court

3.If you lie to the answers to our side there will be a consequence!

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