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I again!

by Kr2Por date 2023-11-11

    What I want to say is that the game Baltmello is temporarily going away! and instead of it a new game! Which will definitely be released (around the end of this year! the very first version!!!) I want to say that I completely forgot about the Proinwin game launcher! and I’ll probably work together with the new game! Goodbye!

Proinwin 10w13f (1.4)

by Kr2Por date 2023-11-06

  • I fixed two bugs! (when entering the game sometimes there was no icon!) (that the very first question had an error!)
  • The meaning of the letters at the end of the snapshot:
    f - bugfix
    a - Something new!
    b - second snapshot, to remove errors
    k - Adds something new and fixes bugs!

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  • So I’ve been gone for a long time, 3 whole months! Of course I disappeared for a long time on the main page, but so what? I wanted to say that during this time I managed to breathe and didn’t do anything sad, didn’t I? I think yes. I want to say that the games "NoCom" "Proinwin" and "Round Game" will receive an update soon, for example Proinwin will receive a bug-fix update! And NoCom will receive an update in the next weeks and the Round Game will receive an update in the next weeks!
  • About My Idea Proinwin: Of course, I want to make this mechanic very simple while there is a small blank that can be used in older versions as well use, you just need to change the StaticWordLibrary.class file In the bugfix I will tell you how to do this! And what a cool idea! Of course there will be a lot of bugs!
  • About the Round Game: Of course I did it on the engine(Unity)! but so what? I don't know the C# programming language so if you want to help with programming, my mail. Update may come out closer to the end of this month!
  • About NoCom: I've been requesting the game for a long time now, like 10 months ago! This is a lot strange of me. I'd like to do this So that the player thinks about how to activate something, for example some lock There are a lot of ideas, but I don’t want to say them, it’s unlikely right after the post I'll start making a game. And so the game was created for the sake of testing keyboards!
  • I'm tired of writing all this! I'm off to update!!!! (By the way, maybe today an update will be released on Proinwin!) And I also forgot to say, how do you like the idea of me translating the site into different languages? (for example: German, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • What would be the idea if Proinwin was in your browser?
  • and even you could play with other players
  • Of course I don't know how it will work! but it's possible!

What will happen?

  • you can create your own puzzles!
  • 2023061900.png

Site updates!

by Kr2Por date 2023-04-11

What's new?

  • Old design is no longer used!
  • After that, all posts will be in English! (se)Efter det kommer alla inlägg att vara på engelska!
  • you yourself see!

Proinwin 10w12a 1.4

by Kr2Por date 2023-03-31

Vad är nytt?

  • spelet är nu Eclipse!
  • lagt till en ny gåta! (Base64)
  • buggar fixade!

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Proinwin 10w11a 1.4

by Kr2Por date 2023-01-14

Vad är nytt?

  • tillagda länkar, sociala nätverk
  • på About togs bort vem som tidigare skapat spelet,

Ladda ner här:

låt oss prata om allt! vilka är vi?

vi är ett svenskt företag grundat i 2013-08-08, vi skapade mods för Minecraft av Forge-1.5.2-1.7.2 efter köp Mojang AB av Microsoft Mods slutade komma ut, men moddar uppdaterades till version 1.7.10-1.11.2, och det är allt, in 2023-01-14- fick tillgång till hela spelet Proinwin

Vi kommer att göra spelet coolt!

  • vi ska göra nya gåtor! som chiffertext! Webbplatser, bilder och mer!
  • I mina planer :

  • Game Launcher
  • textkryptering
  • Migrera spelet till Eclipse
  • lägg till slumpmässiga gåtor
  • stöd för att mods
  • spelfinal
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